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1. Make sure you are keeping a food journal from Day 1, so we can see what foods cause reactions and what foods give you energy. 2. Make sure you are following the plan to the best of your ability. Remember: Easy does it is key. When we stress, we inflame our intestinal lining. 3. Remember to keep a journal, a binder, or an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of when we are adding in supplements. 4. Remember to reduce supplements if you experience too much “die off”. This means you may feel tired; have headaches, loose stool, or constipation, or experience poor sleep or moodiness. 5. You can always reduce or cut back on a supplement as this is a marathon and not a sprint. 6. We start working on the foundation first by supporting your body, with clean food daily, and getting clear on which foods are working for you.

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  • 30+ Days of Vegan Meals without Soy

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